RXM Reality: Panic Cycle tape (Hausu Mountain, 2018)

April 28, 2018 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

RXM Reality: Panic Cycle tape

This debut Hausu Mountain tape from a Chicagoan wielding an untold amount of hardware expresses both paranoia and joy, with a FOMO rearing its head on occasion. The track title “I Haven’t Been Invited In” implies being shut out of both a club and society in general, and the music follows suit; highly energetic and intelligent, but not populist or DJ-friendly. Very broken and non-liner, sometimes sounding more collage-like, other times with more of a progression to it, as on the longer tracks. There’s dub pressure anchoring “Your Problem”, but it develops a nervous footwork twitch before plunging deep into deadly bass drops. Sometimes it seems like once he finally gets into the club, he can’t decide which room to stay in, so he just rages hard in all of them during the same short timespan. Eventually it all crashes into the matrix with “Under”, a ruthless loop of destruction which continually erodes, winds itself back up, short circuits, and breaks down all over again. It takes several listens to piece all of this together mentally, but it all belongs, and is it ever strong. Powerful.

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