Birds Of Passage: The Death Of Our Invention (Denovali, 2018)

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Birds Of Passage: The Death Of Our Invention

Alicia Merz makes music you travel to and inhabit, rather than simply listen to. It seems easy to describe any music with lots of reverb and intimate, precious vocals as sounding like it’s coming from an enchanted forest or the heart of a vast glacier, but she absolutely nails that type of sound. The second track, “Haunt My Existence”, is over seven minutes, and it’s easy to lose track of time and not even notice that many minutes slipping away. Other tracks are frozen, isolated love songs dedicated to strangers, and to the unknown itself. Pianos sound like they’re vibrating from under an ice floe, and guitars are like melodic rustling leaves. I remember last time I listened to a Birds Of Passage album, Grouper had released something new around the same time, so that grabbed my attention more. This time, however, the new Birds Of Passage is far more captivating than the new Grouper, which is underwhelming to me so far.

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