GLvis: s/t 1-sided 12″ LP (Owlsnest, 2018)

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GLvis: s/t 1-sided 12″ LP

First off, I really appreciate how lo-fi the packaging is. This is a 1-sided LP, and the center sticker was just pasted on over the record’s playing side, and I had to poke a whole through the center label in order to play the record. Likewise, the front and back covers were merely pasted on a sleeve for a 12″ single. As far as the music, GLvis (pronounced “jel-vis”) is a street musician from Milwaukee. He’s sort of like a cross between Madison, WI’s Art Paul Schlosser and Ann Arbor’s own Shakey Jake Woods, to name two famous street musicians. Maybe throw Jandek, Wesley Willis, Eugene Chadbourne, and the eternally single Robert Alberg into the equation too. He strums an open tuned guitar and sings in a slurry, sometimes nasal voice about race, religion, and relationships. He also seems to crack himself up a bunch of times. Apparently he used to work at a restaurant and would sing to the patrons after his shift, until too many people complained and he was forced to stop. “Turtle Rain” seems to be a take-off on “Purple Rain” but it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s about. He has a truly bizarre inflection to his voice, so it’s kind of fascinating. He then begins singing a gospel song, but without warning it turns into the vicious “Bitch Take a Hike”, and then a song about hypocritical Christians called “Preacher Cheater”. Then he plays a cover of John Lennon’s “God” (credited to “some other guy”) with new lyrics, such as “I don’t believe in talent”. Fans of Irwin Chusid’s Songs in the Key of Z and Incorrect Music Hour, meet the latest addition to the outsider music canon.

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