Tatira: Blood Return (Inam Records, 2018)

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Tatira: Blood Return

Just 2 months after The Light Will Disappear, Ryan Huber’s second album under the name Tatira has arrived, and it continues with the artist’s progression into Tresor-worthy techno. The synths seem a bit more energized, the beats are punchier, and it just seems more alive than his drone work. There’s still a heavy drone element to these tracks, however, and they slowly build rather than make startling transitions. He does tend to give tracks abrupt endings, though, sometimes accompanied by some sharp feedback. The main exception is “Dissolving Thoughts,” which seems to not want to escape its blissful house reverie, but after about 7 minutes, it gets swept under waves and continues thumping along for 13 minutes. Most of the rest of the album is more succinct, with “Abscessed” and “Ten Times Bleach” playing with polyrhythms and keeping things exciting. “Drifting” is the album’s lone ambient interlude, and “Recompense” is a soft minimal pulse which seems to probe for life on a faraway moon. During the final minute, it frees itself and floats into nothingness. BTW, the artist started a blog recently and interviewed me for it, so check it out if you’re interested!

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