Jesusbeams: E crack EP + Exphr EP (self-released, 2018)

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Jesusbeams: E crack EP

The artist also known as Evil Robot Ted has been quietly releasing music as Jesusbeams for a few years now. E crack is one of two recent EPs, and it’s a short blast of fast, fractured beats, but not exactly in a breakcore way. The first three tracks are brief, explosive, and pretty much entirely percussive, and aren’t all that different from each other, so they can all be taken as one track. “Atrax (Slow)” is much different, sounding like listening to a droning robot from the other end of a vast, dying factory.

Jesusbeams: Exphr EP

The other recent EP, Exphr, is noisy ambient glitch, with crystalline melodies shredded into shards over a faint click track. Once you get into the headspace, it projects directly into your mind and distorts your dreams. The rhythms push and pull, then free themselves, leaving starry residue. The last track is a noise piece, which slowly grinds upwards, revealing some zig-zagging sparks, but then getting completely electro-shocked out by the end.

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