Crazy Doberman: Free LSD LP (Radical Documents, 2018)

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Crazy Doberman: Free LSD LP

Crazy Doberman, formerly known as just Doberman, is an experimental collective from LaFayette, Indiana which includes Wolf Eyes member John Olson. They’re described as “psycho jazz” rather than “trip metal”. They’ve played at several local events such as the monthly Psy Jazz Nights at Trixie’s in Hamtramck as well as various afternoon basement sessions in Ypsilanti, and their participants have included underground noise/improv mainstays like Dan Dlugosielski and Sick Llama. The group’s first LP appears on LA-based Radical Documents, and there isn’t much info provided, but it’s two side-long dreadscapes filled with fogged-out voices, distant, squealing woodwinds, and a looming sensation of overwhelming queasiness. I’d say it reminds me of Robedoor more than Wolf Eyes, to be honest. Side A has a slow, booming drum machine grounding everything, but the blown-out chaos surrounding the rhythm pushes everything to the brink of sheer panic. Side B is a bit more freeform, with loose, pounding drums, and more ominous layers of strings, reeds, and angry elephant brass. The instruments are easier to discern this time around, and somehow it ends up being darker, trippier, and more doomified than the first side. There’s a brief pause in the middle before blasted-out electronics and cranky, zombified woodwinds creep in. There’s no proper end to it really, it just keeps going through different phases of intensity then stops cold at the end of the side. Nauseous and horrifying, but nearly impossible to turn away from. It’s incredible.

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