Schnellertollermeier: Rights (Cuneiform, 2017)

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Schnellertollermeier: Rights

Cuneiform has announced that they’re no longer going to be releasing new music after being one of the very best sources of experimental music (especially avant-prog and jazz) for over three decades. Part of their final batch of releases is this fourth album from instrumental trio Schnellertollermeier, which is a smushed-together amalgamation of the band members’ last names (one of which is actually Troller, probably no relation to the Austin band of the same name). Their music is very precise and considered, building up from locked-in patterns and seeing how far out they can stretch. It all seems to be played on a standard guitar-bass-drums trio configuration, but there’s some effects added, making the guitars flange and stutter. Of the four tracks, the first and last are over 10 minutes each, and the longer this band plays, the more convoluted and off-the-rails they get. The whole album sounds fresh and exciting, and the band consistently defy expectations at every turn.

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