Tatira: The Light Will Disappear CDr (Inam Records, 2018)

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Tatira: The Light Will Disappear CDr

The latest Inam Records release may be the first one that I’ve seen arrive in a standard CD jewel case. The artwork is bright white with clear lettering, and much of the music is also surprisingly accessible. It combines drone and techno the way other recent Inam releases have, but the majority of the tracks here are punchy and somewhat shiny and polished. There’s even something approaching chords to some of them, and bits of new wave and progressive house elements. At least compared to some of the more dour Inam releases, this is a lot sunnier and brighter-sounding. “All Is Seen” goes on for nine minutes, and it gradually picks up a growling bass lump which sneaks up on you, and can be quite terrifying if you’re driving. Like a lot of these tracks, this one stops suddenly and dovetails into the next one. Some tracks are fully ambient (“The Absentee”, “Son of Machines”), but then there’s other lengthy beat-driven ones, like “Merciful Tyrant”. “Tunnels” is a bit darker and lonelier than most of the other tracks, and it could easily keep going and building for a lot longer than the 3 minutes it gets here. The album ends with the sparse, shimmering drone “The Light Will Disappear”, suggesting that maybe the next release will return to murk, fuzziness, and malaise. Free DL at Bandcamp.

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