Treasure Hunt: Space Jam tape (Roof Garden, 2016/Moon Glyph, 2017)

February 4, 2018 at 6:32 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

Treasure Hunt: Space Jam tape

This one starts out with some very out-there cosmic free jazz, sounding like the drums from the last track on An Electric Storm going completely off the rails and being doused by radioactive horns. By “Moment of Weightlessness”, it moves into another direction entirely, with Gregorian chanting buried underneath dramatic film score melodies, but also a few dozen other things refracted and superimposed on top. The psychotic jazz comes back harder than before on “Portals”, and “Three Orbs of Planet X” is sort of a very mutated, scrambled exotica trip, with multiple drums battling it out and some airier passages where flute and trumpet take over. “Nebulae” continues from this but smooths everything out, concluding with some astral church organ. It’s impossible to say what planets, solar systems, or galaxies you’ve visited over the course of this album.

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  1. This tape also came out on Ingrown Records in 2017!

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