Pablo R. Ruiz: Bad Hombre 12″ EP (Portage Garage Sounds, 2017)

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Pablo R. Ruiz: Bad Hombre 12″ EP

Chilean Detroit resident Pablo R. Ruiz appears on Shigeto’s label with a fantastic EP of Trump-baiting club tracks. The title track is restless, with nothing but jackhammer rhythms and synths which peer at you like eerie eyes. “Portal Escondido” has dot matrix printer-like slashing sounds and a big thumping kick drum, and a gloomy, swirling atmosphere. It seems stuck in an uncomfortable situation, but all it can do is keep moving regardless. “Crawlin” is by far the most paranoid track here, as it constantly features a voice asking “Why you crawlin’ on me? Hey!” like someone’s tapping you on the shoulder and speaking directly into your ear. Not to mention the sinister synth-strings and that big, fluid bass tone. “El Sueño Capitalista” is another foggy house tune with lots of under-the-beat muttering and a higher-pitched vocal loop. Killer stuff all around. Available from Bandcamp, and the digital version has a bonus track.

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