Angel 1: Terra Nova tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2017)

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Angel 1: Terra Nova tape

Angel 1’s first tape on CTatsu in 4 years, following acclaimed releases on 1080p and Beer on the Rug, plays like a series of subconscious DJ sets, with lengthy, slow-moving tracks drifting through various moods, beats, and samples. “Speed” is not fast at all, progressing through steady yet vaporous beats and a submerged Kanye sample. “Volunteering” begins in a sort of interstellar spa, with a bizarre growling/wailing sample interrupting an otherwise peaceful session, and eventually it heats up into a thumping, bubbling house track. “The German Idea of Freedom” is bursting with fuzzy lo-fi guitars and another screamy sample which is looped rhythmically, along with laughter and trippy voices, ending with a much more smoothed-out ending section. “Humanitarianism” continues with the sly playfulness of earlier tracks, with silly recurring samples and elementary piano notes setting the pace, ending up with the sounds of slurping, gushing waters (field recordings? digital approximations? a mix of both?) and resonating metal bowls. “Karaoke” is another lush, leisurely rainforest cruise, with a harmonica-like melody and sporadic voices whispering the word “passion”. This tape doesn’t have the unexpected harsh drum’n’bass moments of previous Angel 1 releases, but there’s still plenty of surprise and mirth to it. Tape/DL available from CTatsu’s Bandcamp.

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