Curved Light: Quartzsite tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2017)

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Curved Light: Quartzsite tape

For fans of drone and ambient music who follow the cassette/Bandcamp scene, Curved Light was one of the breakout artists of 2017, with tapes on labels like Field Hymns, HoloDeck, and CTatsu in addition to extensive touring. Peter Tran’s warm, enveloping analog synth drones match perfectly with Deirdre Smith’s kaleidoscopic visuals in a live setting, and the music is just as transportive while listening at home. On this tape, opener “Dream Sequence” demonstrates the project’s range, progressing through rhythmic patterns which dance excitedly, ending up with an intense shower of delay-induced noise. “Routine Simulation” is more agitated, with finnicky noises and glitches and rapidly flashing sequences, verging on some sort of restless IDM kosmische. “Dive 2501” is a more straightforward burst of starry arpeggios, and “Chromakey” does something similar but more expansive and complex. The release was recorded over the course of four years in four different cities, and shows how much the project has grown since then. Very highly recommended. Tape/DL available at CTatsu’s Bandcamp.

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