Alexander: s/t LP (self-released, 2017)

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Alexander: s/t LP

New Haven native David Shapiro (also of psych band Headroom) records solo guitar music as Alexander, and this unassuming white label record with a plain sleeve was presumably designed to look like a mysterious private press release from several decades ago. Put it on and you’ll hear a wide range of expressive fingerpicked acoustic guitar compositions, drawing from American folk and blues traditions, but also with some indie and avant-garde influences evident. Other than the leisurely “Catfish Blues”, the songs are given roman numerals for titles. “II” is the most epic, starting out faster and more hypnotic (but also quite warm and inviting) before ending up with a slower, more fragile section. “III” is short but dreamy, while “V” is sparse and kind of cold and solemn. “VI” takes a while to unfold, but its melody sticks with you, without being forced down your throat. The rest of the record seems to continue in a similar sort of slow, sparse, introspective vein. A nice record which appears to be simple, and doesn’t blast into the outer limits like some of the artist’s other work, but still goes a bit deeper than the average “dude with a guitar” record.

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