Crush Collision 11/16/17

November 17, 2017 at 3:56 pm | Posted in Crush Collision | Leave a comment

I bought a new laptop because my old one just can’t handle mixing anymore. This one has lots of clicks and pops whenever I try to mix, though, so I’m trying to get in touch with Serato’s support in order to see if I can fix it. If not I’ll just have to return the laptop and get a better one. Despite the slight glitching, this mix seemed pretty ok, especially after it unexpectedly bumped up to a higher energy level, so I’m posting it.
Hour 1
10:01 pm Virginia ~ “Blue Pyramid (Khidja Remix)”
10:09 pm Achim Maerz ~ “Experiment IX”
10:12 pm Seth Schwarz & Westerby ~ “Zodiac”
10:17 pm S U R V I V E ~ “Wardenclyffe (Sam Haar Remix)”
10:24 pm Avalon Emerson ~ “One More Fluorescent Rush”
10:30 pm Jeals ~ “Flexx”
10:35 pm Affinity Projects ~ “It’s All Around You”
10:40 pm Shake ~ “My Computer Is An Optimist”
10:44 pm Addison Groove ~ “BassWarz”
10:47 pm Back For Good ~ “Running Out Of Planet (DJ Overdose Remix)”
10:52 pm M.E.S.H. ~ “Coercer”
10:57 pm Zuli ~ “Commproto”
Hour 2
11:00 pm Osheyack (feat. Milky He and Jordan Tierney) ~ “Pyre”
11:04 pm Dave Angel ~ “Rotation”
11:10 pm Deniro ~ “Don Dino”
11:15 pm Special Request ~ “Curtain Twitcher”
11:19 pm Benjamin Damage ~ “Montreal”
11:24 pm Project Pablo ~ “You Know”
11:31 pm Terrance ~ “N.A.G.”
11:35 pm DJ Bwin ~ “Afterlife”
11:39 pm Jonny Oso ~ “4 Those End Time Kids”
11:43 pm Pablo Mateo ~ “Fazing Trees (John Osborn Mix)”
11:47 pm John Heckle ~ “Changes”
11:54 pm Ben Long ~ “Fading (Jamie Bissmire & Ben Long Remix)”

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