Darshan Ambient: Lingering Day: Anatomy Of A Daydream (Spotted Peccary, 2017)

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Darshan Ambient: Lingering Day: Anatomy Of A Daydream

Michael Allison has been releasing music as Darshan Ambient since the era of MP3.com (which is absolutely ancient history now, but important to anyone who was following and especially making independent music during the late ’90s). His music, obviously, fits into the ambient (and sometimes new age) category, usually with calm, comforting pianos and string pads. He does branch out a bit, however, and the first few tracks on this album stretch towards the grandeur of post-rock, but without the exhilarating crescendos. The only song with lyrics is “Arc of Angels”, a Peter Gabriel-esque splendor-ballad. Some of the tracks hint towards IDM-ish beats, especially “Mover”, which is easily my favorite. But the more purely ambient tracks are good too, such as the floating, rippling “The Seven Sleepers”. “Bee’s Fade” has some tricky overlapping rhythmic patterns, and “Hand in the Clouds” has some steady flickering among its foggy drifting. “Kissing Crust” has light, slightly rainy dance beats. The album’s title gives you an indication as to how relaxing, meditative and free of pressure this album is, but in terms of its construction, it’s not lazy or basic in any way.

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