The Miami Dolphins: Water Your Waiting For (FPE, 2017)

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The Miami Dolphins: Water Your Waiting For

The second album from the Minneapolis-based Miami Dolphins has a similar sort of cartoonish, angular no wave sound as their previous EP and album, but the lyrics seem a bit more overtly political this time. There’s several songs which seem to enthusiastically chirp “kill them all!”, with “Protect The Children And Drain Your Boat” saying “Nobody wants to go to war / Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it”. Disbelief and paranoia color a lot of the tracks, particularly “Fluoride” and “It Goes On”, and “Speak Up” spits back numerous lines of toxic, misogynist downtalking. Elizabeth Bambery’s vocals continue to swing from a nervous shout to more delicate, ethereal moments, but they’re always energetic and spirited. There’s also moments where she and the other band members seem to get stuck in one thought, such as the “Can you heand me the ketchup, my hamburger’s a little dry?” bit during “Protect the Children…” The music is a similar sort of trapeze act going from various points of frenzied, noise-rock chaos, with a few short, strange interludes thrown in, such as the circus-like intro and the jaw’s harp piece “Miami Oh Yeah”.

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