Kill Alters: No Self Helps (Hausu Mountain, 2017)

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Kill Alters: No Self Helps

This pink plastic tape with a smooshed Miss Piggy face on the cover features a bunch of fast, noisy drum-heavy electro-junk jams with soaring, screeching, acrobatic, commanding vocals from Bonnie Baxter. Hisham Bharoocha is in this group, so there’s certainly an element of Soft Circle/certain eras of Black Dice in this, but also some Foot Village drum power, some quasi-dance-punk (he was also in Pixeltan), some riot grrrl, and a bunch more overloaded machinery, but not enough so that obscures the rhythms. Also, there’s a ton of interludes of kids singing along to a cheap keyboard demo. This, plus the strange therapy session skit at the end, make this seem like an audio document of a bunch of hyperactive kids killing time during summer vacation, but the proper songs are studio-recorded and pack a multitude of ideas and concentrated energy into their chrome-plated shells.

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