Giant Claw: Soft Channel (Orange Milk, 2017)

September 16, 2017 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Giant Claw: Soft Channel

Giant Claw is the solo project of Keith Rankin, co-founder of Orange Milk Records and one of the underground’s most prolific producer of trippy album art, along with Robert Beatty. Giant Claw’s work has varied from mutant prog-rock to MIDI-juke to vaporwave, and this continues in the direction of recent releases like Dark Web and Deep Thoughts. Lots of splashes and smashes of color and voices and instruments against a blank canvas. Brief bursts of glitched, tweaked-out classical instruments, melted R&B vocals, deconstruction. Non-linearity. It starts, it stutters, it smudges and skitters and crashes, and offers moments of light and half-thoughts, and a few notes of a majestic aria, then it stops. Very scrambled and hectic, but it also has a sort of poise to it. If there’s one moment that seems like a sort of calm respite, it’s “006”, but its clipped bass string plucks keep getting sidetracked by buzzes and percussive scrambles. Once again, another total mindfreak from the Claw.

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