Longmont Potion Castle: 14 (D.U. Records, 2017)

September 4, 2017 at 4:49 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Longmont Potion Castle: 14

Two very long Longmont albums in one year?!? How on earth is this guy more prolific than he’s ever been? And how does he keep getting better and weirder every year? His conversations become more convoluted and he’s staying on the phone with people longer and just spouting out bizarreness and confusing people. On this album he’s resumed calling into radio shows and saying ridiculous things that the people on the other end can’t follow. One guy asks what app he’s using to make his voice change, as he’s talking about the phone he just bought doing crazy things and projecting voices and weird sounds. When he calls saying he’s representing Historical Hair, one guy goes psycho screaming at him, but he still keeps him on the phone for a while. He calls a show called Gabby Gourmet asking about bumblebee pudding, and they’re confused but polite and he wins a gift certificate from them. Also he gets into a 10 minute argument with some kid who think he’s a global elite at Counterstrike. There’s way more but you have to buy it yourself to hear. It’s worth it, of course, it always is, LPC never ceases to be consistently amazing.

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