Pulse Emitter/Brett Naucke: Mugen Volume 9 tape (Hausu Mountain, 2017)

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Pulse Emitter/Brett Naucke: Mugen Volume 9 tape

The ninth volume of Hausu Mountain’s split series (consisting of solo live performances with no overdubs) starts with a trio of typically crystalline pieces from Pulse Emitter. They’re clear and reflective, but also three dimensional and sometimes rapidly twisting and swerving. They’re like crystal charms that dance on their own, even without wind. The Brett Naucke side is anything but new age, although it also seems multi-dimensional and holophonic. It’s a lot darker and more haunted, with sinister whispers and dripping beats which skitter and hobble. Right after it’s gotten to the point where you’re sure you’ve been sleepwalking into a black hole, it gets to a slow pounding beat which disintegrates and leaks out into some sort of free-floating metallic ooze, which seems to magnetically form into a loose, prickly rhythm. Does that explain it? Probably not, because it can’t be explained. You’ll only find out if you listen.

Crush Collision 8/10/17

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Hour 1
10:03 pm Gacha ~ “Voice Image”
10:07 pm Larry Heard ~ “Dolphin Dream”
10:14 pm Moon ~ “Proto”
10:17 pm diskJokke ~ “1987”
10:22 pm Benedek ~ “Afterglo”
10:28 pm Bézier ~ “Stranger”
10:32 pm Joel Kehren ~ “Real Love (Orlando Voorn Remix)”
10:40 pm Florian Kupfer ~ “Can’t Love Life Without U”
10:47 pm Matt Karmil ~ “So You Say”
10:52 pm Shadow Child ~ “Steak Fingers (Rimbaudian Remix)”
10:56 pm Tiga ~ “Blondes Have More Fun (The Black Madonna Immaterial Girl Remix)”
Hour 2
11:04 pm Luka Tacon ~ “Who’s Style?”
11:09 pm Baltra ~ “Twist of Fate”
11:14 pm Nathan Melja ~ “No No No”
11:18 pm Kenny Larkin ~ “Life Goes On”
11:25 pm Lanark Artefax ~ “Touch Absence”
11:29 pm DJ Haus ~ “Flange Attack”
11:33 pm Obscure Formats ~ “Serpentine”
11:38 pm Hantrax ~ “cs70msquad”
11:42 pm Talker ~ “Snub Nose”
11:46 pm Cadans & Kracht ~ “Lompret”
11:50 pm J Tijn ~ “Decimated #30”
11:53 pm Duran Duran Duran ~ “Thacid Under”
11:56 pm FSOM ~ “Pleasure”

Ali King: 12″ EP (Vanity Press, 2017)

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Ali King: 12″ EP

The latest Vanity Press 12″ starts out with some jazzy broken-beat-but-not-quite house with soulful keyboard licks and bongos over a galloping beat. “Return” brings the lushness, with slightly hazy 808 State-y synth strings, simple but busy beats, a bit of distortion, and not much else. The claps get you totally in the spirit. “Session 28” starts smooth and bubbly, and then the sax loop comes in. “Nebula” rides some bouncy delayed claps and thumps, with a bit more sax tucked underneath, and then some sneaky breakbeats pop up during the second half. A very vibey record overall.

Black Noi$e: 12″ EP (Vanity Press, 2017)

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Black Noi$e: 12″ EP

Noted Detroit hip-hop producer flips to house music with this surprising (but unsurprisingly great) 12″ on Vanity Press. “Sunburn” is the 45 RPM A-side, and its sunny beat sort of smooths out its sense of paranoia (although that screwy synth line on top hits you in the jaw). On the 33 B-side, “Freaknik” has more of a swing to it, with some faded jazzy samples and strings. “Brick Wall” starts out with knocking beats making you think you’re in for some sort of knackered UK bass deconstruction, but then it switches to breezy yet very busy electro, with snatches of harps and angelic vocals as well as other wisps of sounds floating around. This is thinking ahead. Pay attention!

HOM: A$X LP (Isounderscore, 2017)

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Seattle’s Ashley P. Svn recorded this LP of hardware-driven techno tracks, recorded live and filled with psychic energy. There’s only 3 tracks here, and they flow where the spirit takes them, bubbling and fizzing and churning and doing anything but fall into predictable patterns. Following the aimless (not an insult) journey of “Xanoptor” (probably not related to Xanopticon) taking up the entirety of the A side, “Xeremonial” is a bit more plugged into the mainframe, with busier beats, deeper bass, trippier delay, and more hypnotic sequences. “Xyn” is even more mental, upping the acid quotient and spraying everything with more mind-tazering effects. I love how ’90s-yet-modern this sounds. Truly enrapturing.

Abandoned Footwear: 108 Trees LP (Isounderscore, 2017)

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Abandoned Footwear: 108 Trees LP

This is the debut LP by Abandoned Footwear, a project from Oakland which has been playing live for several years now. Its two members are Michael Buchanan of space-industrial-drone collective Nommo Ogo and Jay Fields, best known as breakcore/acid/IDM producer Exillon. This project is somewhere in between the two. Very spacious and ethereal, with chilly, foggy synths over steadily pumping beats. “Song 3” is caustic and uncomfortable, like alien probing set to a beat. “Song 4” is slower and less propulsive, and a whole lot more mournful, feeling like a tearful observance of a dying world. “Song 6” has a tiny bit more of a pulse to it, but otherwise explore similar terrain. A really exceptional EP of thoughtful, non-club techno.

Spencer & Saginaw: Real Talk 12″ single (Portage Garage Sounds, 2017)

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Spencer & Saginaw: Real Talk 12″ single

Following the success of Shigeto’s “Detroit Pt II” single on his new Portage Garage Sounds label, he gets even deeper and dirtier on the label’s second release, a collaboration with Bill Spencer under the name Spencer & Saginaw. This one doesn’t have the jazziness of “Detroit Pt II”, but it has a heavier, cloudier beat, along with some uncredited words of wisdom about life, specifically life in Detroit. You know you’re going to die someday, so do your best and people will fuck with you. The second side includes the instrumental version of the track (for daytime radio broadcasting or clubgoers with sensitive ears), and then there’s an 11-minute “AmbACID Version”, which completely dismantles the track and lets in float in the open sky, with a hint of acid burbling away down below. Truly an incredible record, surpassing the label’s first release and boding well for its future output. Also, the 12″ comes with a sheet of fake blotter paper, similar to Plastikman’s Sheet One, and there’s another card saying “Portage Garage Sounds does not condone the use of illegal substances with this art object” (hahahahahahahaha). This record isn’t available on the label’s website yet, so for now you’ll have to hit up a Detroit record store to get it.

Voigt/465: Slights Still Unspoken (Selected Recordings 1978-1979) (Mental Experience, 2017)

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Voigt/465: Slights Still Unspoken (Selected Recordings 1978-1979)

Voigt/465 were a short-lived Australian post-punk group who only recorded one album, one single, and a smattering of additional songs. This CD gathers all of the released tracks plus some unreleased ones (and the digital download adds a few more, including a Faust cover). It opens with “State”, the A-side of their single, which was a pretty solid, driving post-punk tune which got some attention from John Peel. After that, nothing about this band is remotely conventional or predictable. Rae Byrom sounds like Siouxsie but weirder, and does all sorts of strange vocal acrobatics. Songs like “Voices A Drama” start out as giddy, arty post-punk and get stranger and stranger, throwing in noise sections and getting caught in quasi-operatic minimalist cycles. The keyboards are cold and primitive-sounding, far away from the chipper organ sounds usually employed by rock bands up to that point. There’s also a heavy element of improvisation, especially during the discordant 7-minute epic “F1”. The liner notes discuss how nobody understood the band and they were completely out of sync with what was going on at the time, which is why they didn’t last too long, and the music is certainly difficult, but obviously it’s a bit easier to appreciate and admire several decades after the fact. Also, I can’t help but notice that the keyboard part during the middle of “And the Following Page”, a previously unreleased track recorded in 1978, bears a resemblance to the bridge of Soft Cell’s version of “Tainted Love”, which was recorded a few years after.

Show #406 – 8/5/17

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Hour 1
2:01 am Ichinen ~ “Strangely Comforting” ~ Dual Craters (new) ~ Last Drop ~ 2017
2:08 am M:I:5 ~ “track 8” ~ Maßstab 1:5 ~ Profan ~ 1997
2:14 am Zorn ~ “Multiple Choices” ~ All We Can Do Is Enjoy The Ride ~ Lux Nigra ~ 2004
2:18 am Freeform ~ “Ect” ~ Elastic Speakers ~ Worm Interface ~ 1995
2:25 am Ovuca ~ “Teddy” ~ Lactavent ~ Rephlex ~ 1999
2:27 am Paddington Breaks ~ “We Are Detatched” ~ No Snare Too Loud ~ iLL ~ 1998
2:33 am Kenny Larkin (local) ~ “Loop 2 (Luke Slater Remix)” ~ Loop 2 ~ R&S ~ 1995
2:40 am Duran Duran Duran ~ “Ralez” ~ Blow Job Breaks ~ Mutant Sniper ~ 2006
2:44 am Duran Duran Duran ~ “Marathon Man” ~ Duran (new) ~ Power Vacuum ~ 2017
2:50 am Pessimist ~ “Through the Fog” ~ Pessimist (new) ~ Blackest Ever Black ~ 2017
2:57 am Camo & Krooked ~ “Ember” ~ Mosaik (new) ~ RAM ~ 2017
Hour 2
3:02 am Venetian Snares ~ “Simple Tasks Became Unthinkable He Just Stared Into Coiled Ernie Balls Until He Ended” ~ Adult Swim Singles Program 2017 (new) ~ Adult Swim ~ 2017
3:06 am Golden Retriever ~ “Thirty-Six Stratagems” ~ Rotations (new) ~ Thrill Jockey ~ 2017
3:11 am Edgar Froese ~ “Panorphelia” ~ Aqua ~ Virgin ~ 1974
3:20 am X.Y.R. ~ “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” ~ Labyrinth (new) ~ Not Not Fun ~ 2017
3:26 am Iguana Moonlight ~ “II” ~ Wild Palms (new) ~ Not Not Fun ~ 2017
3:32 am Ben Frost ~ “Threshold of Faith” ~ Threshold of Faith (new) ~ Mute ~ 2017
3:39 am Xordox ~ “Corridor” ~ Neospection (new) ~ Editions Mego ~ 2017
3:44 am Benni ~ “Night Theme Reprise” ~ I & II (new) ~ Goner ~ 2017
3:49 am Palmbomen II ~ “Carina Sayles” ~ BIS 001-020 ~ Beats In Space ~ 2015
3:54 am Kyle Hall (local) ~ “Teacher Plant” ~ 7″ (new) ~ Wild Oats ~ 2017
3:58 am Robin Lohrey ~ “Oriole” ~ 12″ ~ Vanity Press ~ 2016
Hour 3
4:04 am Actress & London Contemporary Orchestra ~ “Audio Track 5” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2017
4:10 am Ali King (local) ~ “Return” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Vanity Press ~ 2017
4:17 am Black Noi$e (local) ~ “Freaknik” ~ 12″ (new) ~ Vanity Press ~ 2017
4:22 am Spiral Tribe Sound System ~ “Sirius 23 (Edit)” ~ Sirius 23 ~ Big Life ~ 1993
4:25 am Jlin ~ “Hatshepsut” ~ Black Origami (new) ~ Planet Mu ~ 2017
4:31 am Personal FX ~ “Objects in Mirrors” ~ Young Marco: Selectors 002 ~ Dekmantel ~ 1996
4:41 am The Revolutionaries ~ “Ready To Dub” ~ Dub Out Her Blouse & Skirt Volume 1 ~ Revolutionary Sounds ~ 1979
4:44 am The Revolutionaries ~ “Murderous Dub” ~ Dub Off Her Blouse & Skirt Volume 3 ~ Revolutionary Sounds ~ 1981
4:47 am Barrington Levy ~ “Poorman Style” ~ Poorman Style ~ Clocktower ~ 1982
4:51 am Sudan Archives ~ “Goldencity” ~ Sudan Archives (new) ~ Stones Throw ~ 2017
4:54 am Avey Tare ~ “Jackson 5” ~ Eucalyptus (new) ~ Domino ~ 2017
4:58 am Raymond Scott ~ “Toy Funk” ~ Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961-1971 ~ Basta ~ 1961-1971
Hour 4
5:01 am Andy Haas ~ “Repeating Sin” ~ Taballah II (new) ~ Resonantmusic ~ 2017
5:05 am Louis Smith ~ “Ande” ~ Here Comes Louis Smith ~ Blue Note ~ 1957
5:12 am Derek Bailey/Jamaaladeen Tacuma/Calvin Weston ~ “Nebeula” ~ Mirakle ~ Tzadik ~ 2000
5:21 am The Great Harry Hillman ~ “How to Dice An Onion” ~ Tilt (new) ~ Cuneiform ~ 2017
5:25 am PC Worship ~ “Torched” ~ Buried Wish (new) ~ Northern Spy ~ 2017
5:31 am Steve Coleman’s Natal Eclipse ~ “Dancing and Jabbing” ~ Morphogenesis (new) ~ Pi Recordings ~ 2017
5:38 am Secret Pyramid ~ “Memory Within Memory” ~ Two Shadows Collide (new) ~ Ba Da Bing ~ 2017
5:42 am Grouper ~ “Children” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2017
5:45 am Larkin Grimm ~ “A Perfect World” ~ Chasing An Illusion (new) ~ Northern Spy ~ 2017
5:48 am Parlor Walls ~ “Birthday” ~ Opposites (new) ~ Northern Spy ~ 2017
5:53 am Downtown Boys ~ “Because You” ~ Cost of Living (new) ~ Sub Pop ~ 2017
5:57 am John Zorn/Brian Marsella Trio ~ “Kadmiel” ~ Masada Book 2: The Book of Angels Volume 31: Buer (new) ~ Tzadik

Ichinen: Dual Craters (Last Drop Records, 2017)

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Ichinen: Dual Craters

Italian techno producers Roberto Bosco and Kiny teamed up to form this mysterious duo, debuting with a 12″ last year and now letting this full-length disperse into the world. This is kind of a world unto its own — it’s very atmospheric and echoey, but it’s not dub(-techno) or ambient, and it’s rarely steady enough to be techno proper. The beats are sporadic and slippery; and they feel like walking the surface of a planet that isn’t quite solid, but somehow it doesn’t need to be, because there isn’t nearly as much gravity as on earth, so you’re propelled with minimal steps. Some of the sounds seem to loop in concentric circles with others, but the tempos still make it hard to seem what direction everything’s going in. But it’s definitely going somewhere, and you feel transported. It’s soothing, eerie, and incredibly alien at the same time. “Strangely Comforting”, as one of the track titles puts it. Vladislav Delay is the only point of comparison I can really come up with. It’s just really immersive and unique and beautiful and you should listen to it.

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