Ichinen: Dual Craters (Last Drop Records, 2017)

August 4, 2017 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Ichinen: Dual Craters

Italian techno producers Roberto Bosco and Kiny teamed up to form this mysterious duo, debuting with a 12″ last year and now letting this full-length disperse into the world. This is kind of a world unto its own — it’s very atmospheric and echoey, but it’s not dub(-techno) or ambient, and it’s rarely steady enough to be techno proper. The beats are sporadic and slippery; and they feel like walking the surface of a planet that isn’t quite solid, but somehow it doesn’t need to be, because there isn’t nearly as much gravity as on earth, so you’re propelled with minimal steps. Some of the sounds seem to loop in concentric circles with others, but the tempos still make it hard to seem what direction everything’s going in. But it’s definitely going somewhere, and you feel transported. It’s soothing, eerie, and incredibly alien at the same time. “Strangely Comforting”, as one of the track titles puts it. Vladislav Delay is the only point of comparison I can really come up with. It’s just really immersive and unique and beautiful and you should listen to it.

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