USA/Mexico: Laredo LP (12XU, 2017)

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USA/Mexico: Laredo LP

Austin band USA/Mexico includes guitarist Craig Clouse of Shit & Shine, drummer King Coffey of the Butthole Surfers, and bassist Nate Cross of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. All of that adds up to expectations that this album will be weird, noisy, brutal, scary, and horribly fucked up, right? Well, you’re still not ready for how insane this album actually is. The noise is as harsh and engulfing as any power electronics record you care to name, but then the rhythm section bludgeons you with even more intense power. And the vocals sound like they’re coming from a combusting Dalek. They just don’t sound human. On top of that, there’s some digital glitch disorienting everything at certain moments, like near the end of opener “Possum Trot”. “Laredo” is ten times harsher than the first track, yet the rhyth, keeps barreling along straight ahead for the whole 7 minutes. “Windsor Park Hardcore” is 90 seconds of the most volatile, noise-blasted hardcore imaginable. The album ends with a just barely recognizable cover of The Fall’s “L.A.” The nice, peaceful cover art is entirely not representative of what this sounds like. Not at all. You are not ready.

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