Fracture: Cold & Rain 12″ EP (Astrophonica, 2017)

August 13, 2017 at 11:43 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Fracture: Cold & Rain 12″ EP

I’ve been oblivious to Fracture until now, even though he’s released dozens of records on labels like Metalheadz, Exit, Offshore, Ohm Resistance, etc. since the early 2000s (either solo or with Neptune). This is supercharged club music with tightly edited breaks, lots of energetic samples, and pop elements which don’t seem overly saccharine or cloying. It has the rolling, choppy beats of post-2000 drum’n’bass but doesn’t just settle into looping the same patterns over and over (I haven’t heard drum’n’bass that does this in quite a while, and I’m hoping this style has died out and people are just simply more creative now), and there’s some footwork-ness (he’s collaborated with DJ Earl) but it stays within the d’n’b realm. “So High” (a co-production w/ Alix Perez) uses chipmunk rave vocals to build up its momentum, but it manages to stay somewhat muted compared to how you might expect it to get, and there’s some really inventive bass tones. Looks like this is a back catalog I need to plunge into.

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