The Spookfish: Black Hole (Fire Talk, 2017)

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The Spookfish: Black Hole

The mysterious Spookfish has been haunting the tape underground for years now, and this is his debut CD release. Detached, fragmentary electro-acoustic lo-fi pop which drifts in an out of lyrics and song structures. Three of the songs are included in two versions each; the acoustic verison of “Black Hole”, all lonesome Microphones-y strumming, chirping crickets, and bummed out Lou Barlow vocals, opens the album before segueing into the proper version of the song. Here, it ends up being a frazzled collage of woozy beats, bitcrunched explosions, and wayward drifting. The contrast provides a startling, fascinating look into the artist’s creative process. “Moon Viewing Road” is also preceded by an acoustic version, which takes the form of a dusty drone, before crunchy beats and gelatinous synths are added for the main version. Following the short acoustic ballad “Everything is Moving So Fast”, “Car Horn (Extended)” is a John Fahey-like solo acoustic journey which shows that this guy isn’t just about weird lo-fi indie pop. “Black Ghost with Red Eyes” is forest-dwelling indie folk with a hint of tape corrosion and minimal keyboards.

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