Jib Kidder: New Works For Realistic Mixer (Care Of Editions, 2016) + Pay 2 Play (Lamb Life, 2017)

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Jib Kidder: New Works For Realistic Mixer

Following his poppiest album (2015’s Teaspoon To The Ocean), former WCBN DJ Jib Kidder released possibly his most experimental album. Instead of dense sample collages or trippy pop songs, this one was made entirely with a mixer and a drum machine. The cryptic, nonsensical track titles point to this being his IDM album, and the songs are a bit glitchy and noisy, filled with jagged, piercing tones and dripping beats. Lots of rusty, metallic feedback twisted into strange shapes. In a weird way, this was more accessible than I expected, but it’s not exactly melodic and the beats are far too abstract to dance to. Somehow the album’s weirdest moment is when a sample of a baby’s voice swoops in during the second to last track. It seems to be a perfect example of the humanity of this album, even though it appears cold and robotic.

Jib Kidder: Pay 2 Play

Pay 2 Play is entirely different, and a return to sample-based psych-pop. This contains some of his most bizarre, densely piled-on sample collage work yet, along with sly, strange songwriting. The album comes with a thick booklet containing stories and surrealist drawings as well as the songs’ lyrics. Just in the first few songs, we hear samples of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, doomsday cult speaking-in-tongues, pan flutes, country guitar, IM notifications, etc. I think I heard the coughing from “Sweet Leaf” somewhere in there too (possibly in reference to a certain WCBN PSA?). “Field of Dreams” is an easygoing groover based on a bagpipe sample. The second half of the album seems to be devoid of samples, however, and it goes into more of a soft rock mode, but in a somewhat strange way. “Fortune Presents Gifts” is a Dead Can Dance cover, and a faithful rendition of Tori Amos’ “Cornflake Girl” appears later, with backup vocals during the chorus that I thought were a sample of Tori herself at first.

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