Crush Collision 5/4/17

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I’m not going to post the audio for this set because my Serato kept glitching (and sometimes the audio just stopped) and it sounded terrible. I’m not sure if I just need to upgrade something or get a new laptop, or if Serato DJ is just a horrible piece of shit and I should just give up, or only spin vinyl.

10:04 pm Tony More D.J. ~ “Tonight (Dub Version)”
10:09 pm Joe Garrasco & M.M. ~ “Action (Instrumental Version)”
10:14 pm DSC ~ “Too Hard”
10:21 pm FYI Chris ~ “HTRTWr”
10:24 pm Brainwaltzera ~ “Ghaint [Berl] with Detro[id]”
10:26 pm Clap! Clap! ~ “Ar-Raqis”
10:28 pm Earthboogie ~ “Mr Mystery”
10:33 pm Holy Balm ~ “Hot Cold (Andras Dub Mix)”
10:37 pm Bileebob ~ “Funkyoself”
10:40 pm Carlo ~ “Fly the W”
10:43 pm Max Cooper ~ “Cyclic (John Tejada Remix)”
10:49 pm Alex Medina ~ “Lost in the Echo”
10:55 pm Marshall Applewhite ~ “Go Home”
10:57 pm Glowing Palms ~ “Kiki”
11:02 pm Skipson ~ “Thike”
11:06 pm Lake People ~ “Brooklyn”
11:11 pm Gerome Sportelli ~ “Hybrids”
11:17 pm Jared Wilson ~ “Tracking”
11:25 pm Carl Craig/Francesco Tristano ~ “The Melody”
11:30 pm Dachshund ~ “Log Out”
11:36 pm DJ Club 1235 ~ “Flaw”
11:39 pm Abstraxion & Kasper Bjorke ~ “Ivre”
11:45 pm Ellery Cowles ~ “Dolphin”
11:50 pm Dark Sky ~ “Badd”
11:54 pm Dana Ruh ~ “This Journey”

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