Between Interval: Legacy (Spotted Peccary, 2017)

April 20, 2017 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Between Interval: Legacy

Pretty good deep space ambient/downtempo with a slight sci-fi theme. This artist remixed Sally Shapiro almost a decade ago, but I’d say this is closer to Johan Agebjörn’s solo stuff. Pulsating ambient with touches of sad synth-pop melodies and some dub echoes. There’s light arpeggios, but there’s lots of room for space and reflection. “The Hour Appointed” has rushing water, bird chirps, and bell-like tones. “Fields of Neptune” has a nice synth sequence which drifts in along with nocturnal mist and fog. “Gravity Core” is dub techno with the beats suspended so all that’s left is the echoes into the void (plus some suspenseful pads creeping in during key moments). “Inner Guidance” is the only track to feature voices, and they’re heavily shrouded in echo, resembling the advice of spirits. Between Interval’s style is somewhat minimalist, but the intention is for the imagination to color in the empty space.

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