Cop Funeral: 2 Stressed 2B Blessed tape (Already Dead Tapes, 2016)

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Cop Funeral: 2 Stressed 2B Blessed tape

So here’s an example of a tape I’ve had sitting on my desk for months and just never got around to listening to it, and then somehow the day I finally decide to put it on, it’s what I need to hear most. I’m in the middle of a 3-day weekend where I just don’t feel like leaving the house or talking to anyone, not feeling any love from anyone, not feeling like my life is going anywhere, definitely not happy about society in any way. This tape alternates between field recordings, harsh noise, and lonely synth meanderings. Titles include “Everything Will Be Okay” and “Try”, making it seem like it’s attempting to push forward even though everything’s hopeless. “5/11/16” sounds like a sort of cop funeral, with a mournful trumpet playing taps while cars pass by on the street, and it sounds like there might be a faint, distant police siren in there. “Sick of Dreams” has a flickering drum machine beat under blown-out ghostly whirring. Most astonishing of all is “Blood Tummy”, a psychedelic noise nightmare on the second side. This album was made by the guy who runs Already Dead Tapes, and it’s easily my favorite thing on the label. Highly recommended, and still available at Bandcamp.

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