Throwaway: “Milk Song”/”Family Cry” lathe cut single (self-released, 2016)

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Throwaway: “Milk Song”/”Family Cry” lathe cut single

Former WCBN DJ Kirsten Carey has been making avant-rock as Throwaway for a while, and this is the project’s first vinyl release. Two songs of temper-tantrum noise-rock, with Carey shrieking and thrashing her guitar, and Nicole Patrick attacking the drums. Both songs are pretty short, and primal yet complex, mostly containing hell-spawn shrieking, but also pausing for some schoolyard-like chants which start quiet and quickly accelerate to more caterwauling. Pressed to a lathe cut, this is definitely not audiophile vinyl, it sounds very muddy and garbled, and more like an old cassette tape than a vinyl record. But these songs wouldn’t work as clean, crisp recordings. This isn’t a Steely Dan record. These are bitter, ugly songs, and that’s how they should be presented. Also, Jonathan Snipes of clipping. and Captain Ahab mixed this! Listen at Bandcamp.

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