Snakehole: Interludes of Insanity (Wharf Cat, 2017)

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Snakehole: Interludes of Insanity

Second album from a ferocious female noise-rock duo split between Miami and Philadelphia. The duo shun conventions, producing a towering mass of spontaneous free-form sludge. The drums stagger and splatter, and the guitar is dense and widescreen. The vocals are mainly shrieked, but often seem nervous or fear-stricken rather than strictly angry and aggressive. The album’s first 2 songs are sort of like mutated sludge metal, then “Bum Song” is shorter and more punk-ish. A haunting piano interlude sits in the middle, spread over both sides of the vinyl LP, and the singer calls out “it’s coming to get you!” over the fog of feedback, delay, and crashing cymbals. The rest album is back to the blown-out noise-punk sound, culminating in the 10-minute “Izardus”, which is filled with strange, girlish laughter and a mysterious phone message buried near the end. RIYL: Palberta, Priests, Lydia Lunch.

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