Horoscope: Misogyny Stone (Wharf Cat, 2017)

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Horoscope: Misogyny Stone

Horoscope’s second LP for Wharf Cat consists of swarming post-Throbbing Gristle noise-drone and unsettling spoken lyrics intended to dismantle the patriarchy. “Drone Gold” is filled with buzzing and helicopter-like whirring, with some frayed, frazzled pulses and some suddent, hazy blasts. The title track features Kathryn Undorfer’s echo-covered speaking voice surrounded by thumping beats and chilling, nearly melodic synths, plus squealing feedback. “Azabache Necklace Bought to Protect My Daughter” also features slow, snapping beats and cold but stirring synths, edging towards darkwave but without vocals, and then ending in shifting, rushing waves. “New Piece (for Christian Mirande)”, at the end of the album, starts out ominously, and then gets flooded with distorted vocals, ending up the album’s most volatile, threatening piece (but still not quite harsh noise). A seriously gripping album, definitely recommended.

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