v/a: Red Bolatiero tape (Teen Action Records, 2015)

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v/a: Red Bolatiero tape

v/a: Red Bolatiero tape

I didn’t even realize how old this tape was until just looking it up, but I might as well still review it anyway. I need to keep better track of all the tapes stacking up on my desk. Teen Action Records doesn’t seem to get talked about much, even though they’ve been around a while and released tapes by Emeralds and Bee Mask. They also seem to have slowed down their release schedule, and their website doesn’t even mention this tape. It’s still out there in the world if you look for it, though. Most of the artists are pretty much unheard-of, outside of the label’s catalog, but label regulars like S.C.O.A.M., Univac, and Hiss and Hum are present. The best tracks mix cosmic spaciness with heavy sludge, but not in a metal way, in a slow, enveloping dark drone way. The creepy backwards voices and starry melodies of Eezrah Mason’s tracks particularly stand out. Otherwise, some ominous pianos, and plenty of corroded filth distortion. The second side gets more doomy, and then eventually more noisy. There’s some rickety space techno in there somewhere too. And some circuit bent Speak N Spell at the end of the tape, which is never not fun.

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