Longmont Potion Castle: 13 (D.U. Records, 2017)

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Longmont Potion Castle: 13

Longmont Potion Castle: 13

This year’s LPC album is the most epic one yet. Including bonus tracks, it’s nearly 3 hours long, and it was released as a triple CD (which sold out in a minute, like every LPC album from the past few years). These tracks are long, convoluted, and dense. He’s using crazier effects than ever, and it sounds like he’s crunching or editing the calls so there’s less silence and awkward pauses and just a higher intensity. In the first track alone, he misinterprets someone saying “she’s not with us” for meaning that she passed away, tries to sell someone a KISS comic book printed with LSD, and tells someone his name is Schwab. Then he’s asking for weird animal parts (multiple times) while weird distorted groaning sounds roll around in the background. At one point he actually asks someone “Do you idiots sell urine?” Also it sounds like he’s editing callers so that certain phrases repeat and they sound like they’re stuttering, like on some older LPC releases. And then on “Mongoose”, he edits his own voice out so it’s just a big block of confused people chattering about mongooses (mongeese?). And of course, the one where he calls people asking who they’re voting for. One dude swears he always writes in Billy Dee Williams every election. Another dude recognizes it as LPC calling and says “you’re my hero!” Also, Alex Trebek still doesn’t seem to know what’s up. Also, LPC does some sort of Avalanche Bob-like scatting during “Bicycle Center”. I was going to post here that an LPC documentary called Where in the Hell is the Lavender House? is in production, and I was going to post the Indiegogo page, but it says it’s closed. I didn’t get around to donating yet! At least this (and every other LPC) album can be ordered at D.U. Records’ site.

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