Tropical Skinbyrds: Hedonism II 7″ EP (self-released, 2015/reissued by Wharf Cat, 2017)

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Tropical Skinbyrds: Hedonism II 7" EP

Tropical Skinbyrds: Hedonism II 7″ EP

Originally self-released as a tape in 2015, the debut EP by this Providence trio is now making its way to vinyl. Nightmarish, claustrophobic psych-punk trapped inside a damaged, paranoid mind. Loud and intense, and while it could technically be heavier and noisier, the drowning-in-echo shrieked vocals and lyrics (what you can make out of them, at least) push this to the level of frightening. The singer begs you to stick a knife in her on opener “Venus In Fury”, saying “your pain is my pleasure and it’s all that I need.” “Cut If Off” is a demand to use a razor blade in order to remove something. “Library Lounge” describes the everyday terror of living in a suburban hellhole. “The Lawn” has a slightly more upbeat guitar riff, but the singer yells “stay away from me!” and it gets more chaotic and crushing during the chorus, as the group seems to be warding off danger. After this, the record dives right into the toilet bowl with “Mondo Trasho”, which surrounds samples from the John Waters film of the same name (also sampled in a WCBN legal ID) in spiraling guitar riffs and hallucinatory echo and tape effects.

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