Room Thirteen: Roccopulco LP (Elestial Sound, 2016)

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Room Thirteen: Roccopulco

Room Thirteen: Roccopulco

New Orleans band doing a slightly hazy sort of indie-lounge-pop. Sounds sort of like ’80s Everything But The Girl meets Wild Belle or Saturday Looks Good To Me. The songs are pretty retro and smooth but there’s some weird lo-fi production touches to it. Calm and swinging, with a touch of surf and sand; dusky sax and touches of twangy guitars. There’s also a hint of something sinister to it, like the strange distorted voices at the end of the opening title track, or the just-enough-to-be-kinda-noisy use of echo and delay. “Crayz From the Heat” folds a few layers of dreamy, tremolo-ized voices into something just different enough to be strange and trippy. Not all of it is purely pop songs, “Rat Rod” is an instrumental with a decent amount of grooving organ, and ambient instrumental “Volando de Noche” ends the album on a calm, somewhat bittersweet note.

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