Graham Repulski: I’m Even Younger Now tape (Shorter Recordings, 2017)

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Graham Repulski: I'm Even Younger Now tape

Graham Repulski: I’m Even Younger Now tape

Coming a few months after an incredible triple cassette box, one of his best works to date, Pennsylvania-based lo-fi alchemist Graham Repulski returns with another album of deconstructed art-pop. On this tape, the first side focuses on more fleshed-out, proper length songs, while the second is filled with more fragmentary pieces. The longer songs on here are some of the punchiest, toughest songs he’s recorded yet. There’s still plenty of backwards trickery and gigantic doses of noise slathered on everything. “Sad Legs (‘Sorry’, For Robot)” is particularly riddled with screeching tape noise and feedback, and then there’s a fluttery coda which abruptly cuts into the rhythmic noise pulse of “Drier World (Room Is Heavy)”. “Typhoon Reform” has a catchy extended chorus which fades into a bit of acoustic guitar plucking and background noise. “No Title #3” is one of Repulski’s most urgent songs yet (and the source of the album’s title), and then it’s followed by the succession of brief, sometimes frightening (“Forgettable Acid Trip”) tracks. Another fantastic set of strange songs which challenge the very conventions of songcraft. All copies of this tape have unique artwork.

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