Morlox: Alien Death Strike/Public cassingle + Remixes cdr (Backwards Records, 2016)

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Morlox: Alien Death Strike/Public Remixes cdr

Morlox: Alien Death Strike/Public Remixes cdr

So Denver-based Pat Urn (Syphilis Sauna) is now going by the name Morlox. He released an album called Join The… earlier this year, and two of the songs are on a cassingle (!) and a ton of remixes are available. “Alien Death Strike” is a fast, blippy breakcore/chiptune-ish song, and “Public” is a sly, creepy tune with alien-sounding vocals about wanting to do perverted things in public, and it’s surrounded by rapidly shuffling hyper-breaks. The synth chords drift slowly but the beats are fast and skittery. From these two songs, there’s over a dozen remixes. The first 2 mixes crush the songs to bits, but D/SIR’s mix heads to the goth club. Church Fire’s mix has quick, hammering beats, but also a more relaxed droney middle part. Kristachuwan’s version has some pumping beats, but it’s way more abstract and spaced out, with distant, echoing voices and smudgy synths. Technicolor Yawn focuses on the dilapidated, obliterated beat shards, while Jared Pfalmer turns “Public” into an industrial metal rager. Also, some guy named Qixoni is on here too. Do the Bandcamp thing.


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