Fish Narc: Fish Snake Narc tape (Pastel Voids, 2016)

December 4, 2016 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Fish Narc: Fish Snake Narc tape

Fish Narc: Fish Snake Narc tape

So as you might have noticed, I’m playing catch-up today, uploading reviews I wrote but never posted and finally getting around to writing about stuff I’ve had for weeks/months and just never got around to. Now that it’s winter I’ll hopefully get around to most of the tapes and downloads (not as many vinyl records or CDs) that people have sent me that I said I’d get to and never did. Pastel Voids has released an enormous amount of music and I’ve only mentioned a few things they’ve put out, but they are deserving of far more press. This is an album of remembrances of TV or movies or concerts. It’s something like lo-fi big-room, cartoon pop, scattered electro, plastic toy rave, bleep-house transmitted from cat whiskers. “(Not As) Nasty As I Wanna Be” might just be Mark Bell’s ghost speaking to us through Fish Narc’s equipment. Other songs trap trap in a hamster wheel, and others beg to be let out of the doghouse. No reason to doubt it when Fish Narc says they really mean it. Available at Bandcamp (limited tapes/pay what you want DL).


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