v/a: Infrastructure Facticity (Infrastructure New York, 2016)

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v/a: Infrastructure Facticity

v/a: Infrastructure Facticity

The first full-scale compilation from Function’s Infrastructure New York label is far more than what I was expecting it to be. I was assuming “techno compilation, cool, nbd” but it’s darker and deeper than that. Not entirely dark, though. Campbell Irvine’s opening track starts out tense and shivery but it eventually opens up, and keeps blossoming. Vatican Shadow’s track is typically brooding. Rrose’s track bounces off the walls, and seems charged by something radioactive. It isn’t until Cassegrain & Tin Man’s track when we get to proper, straightforward techno. A lot of the tracks are functional club cuts, sometimes with some acid, but then there’s more detached, spacey tracks like the ones by Post Scriptum or Efdemin. Function’s own “Low Lights & Trick Mirrors” is more bright and Detroit-y, and definitely one of the best tracks. “Colwyn Bay” by Function and Inland is similar, but longer, less upfront, and more IDM-y, and it’s also a highlight. The album ends with Silent Servant’s “End/Optimism”, which is a 2-minute hissy outro, but the title at least suggests that it’s meant to be positive. Also, it’s worth noting that the vinyl version has extended mixes of most of the tracks compared to the CD, stretching the total length to over 90 minutes.

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