Kindohm: Zero Likes (naboamusic, 2016)

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Kindohm: Zero Likes

Kindohm: Zero Likes

This is post-social music. This is music for constantly checking social media and receiving no new notifications. This is music for putting your entire life into something and never being sure if anyone is paying attention to what you’re doing. This is music for wondering if there’s some sort of faulty algorithm causing your posts or messages to go unseen or unread. This is music for holding back on saying something because you don’t want to make anyone feel unpleasant, but then rarely ever saying anything. This is music for making you seriously question if you should delete or at least take a very long break from social media. This is music for vaguebooking. This is music for hating memes, and pop culture in general. This is music for getting sick of impersonal business-related emails from people who don’t know you or care about how you feel. This is music for hating small talk but not knowing how to make a meaningful connection with anyone. This is music for having it make all the difference when someone actually does take interest, and being convinced that there is a reason you’re doing all of this. This album was produced using live coding and is a free download from naboamusic. And it’s amazing.

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