Telementals: Universal Burst tape (self-released, 2016)

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Telementals: Universal Burst tape

Telementals: Universal Burst tape

Jordan Collingridge has been helping to keep Far House active as a venue since Eric Stephenson moved to Chicago. He’s also been recording his own music there, as part of a few bands as well as his solo project, Telementals. This is his first album under that name, and a pretty solid collection of fuzzy home-recorded garage rock with guitars, drums, and synths. A bunch of it has its more Castle Face-like psych-leaning moments like “Black Magic” and “Hidden Sun”, but there’s also more straightforward driving punk-ish songs like “Crash N Burn”. “Plastik” has a drum machine and hints at a more electronic side, but it isn’t really fully explored here. “Life Is Strange” ends the album with a long, dark trip down the spiral. Available now through Bandcamp.

Storm Ross: Welcome, Sunshine LP (Satellite Records, 2016)

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Storm Ross: Welcome, Sunshine LP

Storm Ross: Welcome, Sunshine LP

Following 2014’s incredible The Green Realm, local musician Storm Ross returns with second album Welcome, Sunshine, which is described as “A Plea In Ten Parts” on the back cover. His first album was a hard-to-describe mix of doomy guitars, pounding drums, and noisy electronics. This album is far more urgent, with upfront rhythms and soaring guitar melodies. Opening track “We Need to be Fugazi Now, More Than Ever” sets the tone, building its easily hummable guitar melody up along with crashing drums and wailing sax. “Please Don’t Kill My Family” is noisier and fearsome, and it segues into the hypnotic, electrically charged guitar solo “Benzie County Farm Fire, 1973”. The bluntly titled “You Will End!” has busy drumming and frantic guitar work. “A Life of Passwords” and “Lamentation” are both more ethereal, with “Lamentation” filled with a forest of strange noises and nearly coming close to sounding like early His Name Is Alive. “Atheon” is a long, steady, slowly building centerpiece with more scorching guitars and Krauty electronics. “I Will Try To Be Better” is another reflective guitar piece, and “The Smiler” returns to splashing drums and bubbling electronics along with the fiery guitars. “Hold Your Head High In The End Times” has another tricky rhythm, and its cheery demeanor in the face of tragedy makes it the album’s “Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life”. Triumphant as well as vulnerable, this album is a much different beast than The Green Realm, and it’s no less powerful. Also I’m thanked on the back cover (along with former WCBN MDs Aaron Smith and D. Alfred Lyons)!

Ryan Huber: Kholstomer CDr (Inam Records, 2016)

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Ryan Huber: Kholstomer CDr

Ryan Huber: Kholstomer CDr

Ryan Huber continues to evolve his sound through his steady stream of limited CDr releases. While several years ago he was doing something in the realm of doomy post-rock, at this point he’s doing a permutation of noisy, droney techno. This one starts off with a short, eerie piece with flanged echos and growling noises. “Sanhedrin” is the first of many tracks with a beat. Huber’s techno-ish tracks favor droney repetition, but on some of these ones it seems like there’s more of a clearly definied build and release. “Amarkhan” in particular is a piledriver. The title track starts out with rhythmic ticking and gradually gets washed out at sea, sounding distant and buried under waves at the end. “Macedonia” sounds more ecstatic, but it prefers to stay stuck in the moment for most of its duration. “Raytheon” is far less immediate, starting out as a tense vibrating drone, but eventually a calmer, non-4/4 beat emerges. “Duress” is the opposite, starting out with a jittery beat and then switching to weightless drone for its second half. “Returned” is another repetitive, stuck-in-the-moment track, but its beat pattern, while constant, switches the beats around so that it seems more sporadic. The track seems to end a minute before it actually does, but the beat pattern continues to be very muted and subtle for the last minute. Available on Bandcamp.

Show #361 – 10/15/16

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2:02 am The North Sea ~ “Cancer Registry” ~ Crusades ~ Digitalis Recordings ~ 2008
2:09 am Gerritt ~ “Bon Voyage” ~ …Sails The Sea Of Displacement ~ Dielectric ~ 2004
2:15 am Warren Michael Defever and Bubba Ayoub (local) ~ “Two” ~ Three Sacred Hymns (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2016
2:28 am The Orb ~ “Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror)” ~ COW / Chill Out, World! (new) ~ Kompakt ~ 2016
2:33 am Norman Westberg ~ “The All Most Quiet” ~ The All Most Quiet (new) ~ Hallow Ground ~ 2016
2:41 am Boothroyd ~ “Skinned” ~ Idle Hours ~ Tri Angle Records ~ 2014
2:45 am Friendships ~ “Paradise” ~ Nullarbor 1988-1989 (new) ~ Dot Dash/Remote Control Records ~ 2016
2:49 am Devata Daun ~ “Animal Instincts” ~ Look (new) ~ Pytch Records ~ 2016
2:53 am Negative Gemini ~ “You Only Hate the Ones You Love” ~ Body Work (new) ~ 100% Electronica ~ 2016
2:57 am Abra ~ “Come 4 Me” ~ Princess (new) ~ True Panther Sounds ~ 2016
3:00 am starRo ~ “Do You Still Want Me” ~ Monday (new) ~ self-released ~ 2016
3:05 am Machinedrum ~ “Spectrum Sequence” ~ Human Energy (new) ~ Ninja Tune ~ 2016
3:07 am patten ~ “The Opaque” ~ Psi (new) ~ Warp ~ 2016
3:11 am Tay Sean ~ “Xtra Tho” ~ Leavings (new) ~ Homeskillet ~ 2016
3:13 am Shlohmo “Anywhere But Here Refix” ~ Bad Vibes Extras (new) ~ Friends of Friends ~ 2016
3:15 am Benoît Pioulard (local) ~ “I Walked Into the Blackness and Built a Fire” ~ The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter (new) ~ Kranky ~ 2016
3:17 am Yves Tumor ~ “Role in Creation” ~ Serpent Music (new) ~ Pan ~ 2016
3:19 am Lahun ~ “Nana Chan” ~ Slow Love (new) ~ Apollo ~ 2016
3:24 am Ricky Eat Acid ~ “Outside Your House, The Lights Went Out & There Was Nothing” ~ Three Love Songs ~ Orchid Tapes ~ 2014
3:32 am Oval ~ “se” ~ Popp [Bandcamp bonus track] (new) ~ Uovooo ~ 2016
3:35 am Dino Felipe ft. Melba Libia ~ “May Bee” ~ PRŌJEKT​!​ (new) ~ Other Electricities ~ 2016
3:39 am Dan Deacon ~ “Change Your Life (You Can Do It)” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Domino ~ 2016
3:43 am Factory Floor ~ “Wave (Jlin Remix)” ~ mp3 (new) ~ DFA ~ 2016
3:47 am DJ Aflow ~ “Jealousy” ~ Addicted (new) ~ Car Crash Set ~ 2016
3:51 am Kero & Gotshell ~ “Operation” ~ Perindsor (new) ~ Blueprint ~ 2016
3:55 am Xander Harris ~ “Heathen Birth” ~ 7″ ~ Rock Action ~ 2014
4:00 am Jikuroux ~ “Only U” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
4:03 am LOFT ~ “Pottlin” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Soundcloud ~ 2016
4:08 am Egyptrixx ~ “Lake of Contemplation, Pool of Fundamental Bond” ~ Pure, Beyond Reproach (new) ~ Halocline Trance ~ 2017
4:14 am Clouds ~ “T-Mobile Ekstraklasa” ~ DJ Ultra Greatsword (new) ~ Black Opal ~ 2016
4:20 am Powell ~ “Junk” ~ Sport (new) ~ XL ~ 2016
4:24 am Ryan Huber ~ “Amarkhan” ~ Kholstomer (new) ~ Inam Records ~ 2016
4:31 am Stratosphere ~ “Endless Despair” ~ Aftermath ~ Projekt ~ 2015
4:38 am Africans with Mainframes ~ “The Joy Of Being” ~ Faces Of Africa Part II (new) ~ Mathematics Recordings ~ 2016
4:48 am Simian Mobile Disco ~ “Far Away From a Distance” ~ Welcome to Sideways (new) ~ Delicacies ~ 2016
4:53 am The Age of Love ~ “The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix – Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren Re​-​edit)” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2016
5:02 am Cakes Da Killa feat. Peaches ~ “Up Out My Face” ~ Hedonism (new) ~ Ruffians/Thirty Tigers ~ 2016
5:06 am ARIISK ~ “Lost Life” ~ Fatal Errors (new) ~ SCRAPES ~ 2016
5:12 am S U R V I V E ~ “Copter” ~ RR7349 (new) ~ Relapse ~ 2016
5:18 am Roy Montgomery ~ “Dazed Pig Dreamhome Slide” ~ RMHQ: M (Darkmotif Dancehall) (new) ~ Grapefruit ~ 2016
5:24 am Papa M ~ “Mountains Have Ears” ~ Hole of Burning Alms ~ Drag City ~ 1997
5:30 am Brian Eno ~ “Discreet Music” ~ Discreet Music ~ Editions EG ~ 1975
5:35 am Blanche Blanche Blanche ~ “The Old Fashioned Way” ~ mp3 (new) ~ OSR Tapes ~ 2016
5:37 am Silver Dapple ~ “Valley” ~ mp3 (new) ~ Bandcamp ~ 2016
5:40 am Sales ~ “Big Sis” ~ LP (new) ~ self-released ~ 2016
5:43 am Essential Tremors ~ “The Visitor” ~ The Visitor (new) ~ Third Man ~ 2016
5:48 am Russian Tsarlag ~ “Open Air” ~ Unexplained American Goat (new) ~ Wharf Cat ~ 2016
5:53 am Storm Ross (local) ~ “Lamentation” ~ Welcome, Sunshine (new) ~ Satellite Records ~ 2016
5:56 amJenny Hval ~ “Female Vampire” ~ Blood Bitch (new) ~ Sacred Bones ~ 2016

Crush Collision 10/13/16

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Hour 1
10:01 pm Computer Graphics ~ “Call”
10:05 pm NGLY ~ “Sidney Reilly & The Reillys”
10:09 pm Powell ~ “Do You Rotate?”
10:12 pm Dreems & Jamie Blanco ~ “Percussive Racing Cars”
10:18 pm Youandewan ~ “10405 (Alice)”
10:22 pm Andres Aguirre ~ “Rejuvenation”
10:28 pm Murun B & Ivor E ~ “Cousin Rossiter”
10:33 pm Lancelot ~ “As It Were (Matt Karmil Remix)”
10:40 pm Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. ~ “Flute Track”
10:44 pm Weval ~ “You’re Mine”
10:46 pm Dave Hargadon ~ “Double Dutch”
10:52 pm 808 State ~ “In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)”
10:58 pm Mak & Pasteman ~ “Ringer”
Hour 2
11:02 pm Mark Henning ~ “Trust”
11:07 pm Negative Gemini ~ “No Rum”
11:09 pm Flava D ~ “Day & Night (Night Mix)”
11:13 pm Max Graef ~ “Winkelrose”
11:16 pm Bastien Carrara ~ “Smokin Out”
11:19 pm DJ Deep ~ “MKS1 Main”
11:24 pm Vin Sol ~ “1314”
11:27 pm Works Unit ~ “Foundation One”
11:31 pm Burnski ~ “Cosmic Warfare”
11:34 pm Felix Harreus ~ “Pesch”
11:39 pm Kit Clayton ~ “Deadlock”
11:44 pm Eric Cloutier ~ “Ipseity”
11:47 pm Metropol ~ “Freebase”
11:52 pm Romans ~ “Coptos”
11:55 pm Struction ~ “Warrior”

The Miami Dolphins: Perlite 7″ EP (FPE, 2016)

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The Miami Dolphins: Perlite 7" EP

The Miami Dolphins: Perlite 7″ EP

Following their pretty awesome 2014 debut LP Becky, the Miami Dolphins (who are actually from Minneapolis) are back with a new EP. The group still have a spazzy, convoluted sound reminiscent of Deerhoof and Melt-Banana, and they seem to balance a cartoonish playfulness with utter panic. The record comes with several colorful stickers and a huge booklet which includes various games and tidbits including a crossword puzzle, maze, and horoscope, as well as the lyrics, which are appropriately fragmented. “Quail Birth” includes the line “a mix of despair and bliss” which sums the band up perfectly. The song ends with the accusation “you worthless pig” followed by some snorks. The EP’s highlight is the nervous breakthrough “Scarlette”, which is followed by two minutes of guitar riffs which sound like unfinished ideas for songs.

Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12″ EP (Country Club Records, 2016)

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Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12" EP

Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12″ EP

Morricone Youth is a name I haven’t heard in about a decade, as they haven’t released any albums since 2005, but the NYC-based group have spent the last few years composing scores to old films, and they’re planning on releasing recordings of several of these. Among the first of these is their score for the all-time classic zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. They don’t try to make something that would’ve been recorded in 1968 along with the original movie; instead, the synths and guitars sound more influenced by the subsequent generations of horror soundtracks. It’s a bit closer to Goblin’s brand of prog, which makes sense considering they scored Zombi/Dawn of the Dead. Musically, it’s a bit of a retcon, but it still sounds good. “Traumatized” is the most thrilling moment, with crazy synthesizer work and a bit of screaming thrown in. “Barbra” and “Beat ‘Em or Burn ‘Em” are both longer epics with spiralling arpeggios. “Another One for the Fire (End Title)” is appropriately slower and moribund. Unless you’re really hung up about authenticity, or whatever, you’ll probably enjoy it if you’re into horror soundtracks, regardless of context.

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