Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12″ EP (Country Club Records, 2016)

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Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12" EP

Morricone Youth: Night of the Living Dead 12″ EP

Morricone Youth is a name I haven’t heard in about a decade, as they haven’t released any albums since 2005, but the NYC-based group have spent the last few years composing scores to old films, and they’re planning on releasing recordings of several of these. Among the first of these is their score for the all-time classic zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. They don’t try to make something that would’ve been recorded in 1968 along with the original movie; instead, the synths and guitars sound more influenced by the subsequent generations of horror soundtracks. It’s a bit closer to Goblin’s brand of prog, which makes sense considering they scored Zombi/Dawn of the Dead. Musically, it’s a bit of a retcon, but it still sounds good. “Traumatized” is the most thrilling moment, with crazy synthesizer work and a bit of screaming thrown in. “Barbra” and “Beat ‘Em or Burn ‘Em” are both longer epics with spiralling arpeggios. “Another One for the Fire (End Title)” is appropriately slower and moribund. Unless you’re really hung up about authenticity, or whatever, you’ll probably enjoy it if you’re into horror soundtracks, regardless of context.

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