CAM: True Or False? LP (Skrat Records, 2016)

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CAM: True Or False? LP

CAM: True Or False? LP

Recorded in 2010, this is one of two newly-released albums from a Danish improvisational ensemble who have been around since 2009. Their music could be perceived as a very mutated 21st century breed of improv jazz, one that embraces laptop-era electronic music and a heavy sense of cartoonish absurdity. Glitchy, Schematic-like beats tumble into opener “Kryddereddike” before tense horns settle down, and a Conet Project-like voice mutters in the background. “Ghost” is like an avant jazz-rap track programmed by Mario’s dino friend Yoshi, with fluttering horns contorted and fed through fizzy distortion. “Mirror Confrontations” is a more sinister, sparse spoken word piece. “True or False” channel-surfs through a bunch of samples, ranging from squeaky cartoons to sexual narratives, and then the brief, thrashy “Coming to America” brings the noise righteously. “Jean Palle” is more of a space drift with some noisy scratching. “Pip Neo” is a scratchy, sloppy mess, and then it crashes into the glitch burst of “Rock’n’roll”. “Radioaktive Nisser” is another drifty one, and then “Jimpster” is a flashback to the frantic late ’90s drill’n’bass days, but with more of a spacey jazz aura. “Solen i sækken” starts out slowly, but eventually scraps and shreds accumulate and it ends up a droned-out glitchy squally. Fans of Supersilent should take note. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

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