Nephew: After School Special tape (Atrium Tapes, 2016)

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Nephew: After School Special tape

Nephew: After School Special tape

This mysterious tape from an Ann Arbor-based label contains over 2 dozen short pieces, most of which are fragments of glitching, crackling, scrambled radio transmissions, and sweet, sugary drone bursts. Sometimes there’s some crashing drums, and maybe a spare melody or rhythm here or there. There’s some moments reminiscent of old school musique concrete, but it’s futuristic and updated, without sounding like it’s in line with any current trends in music. Even with the track titles in front of you, it’s almost impossible to follow along (listening to the tape at is, listening on Bandcamp might make more sense of it), but that’s beside the point. What matters is that this is a curious truly sublime little twisted sound-world. I’m glad I was dropped into this world somehow.

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