Variant: Sequential Sleep 2CD (Echospace [Detroit], 2016)

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Variant: Sequential Sleep 2CD

Variant: Sequential Sleep 2CD

Variant is Stephen Hitchell (aka Intrusion), who is part of cv313 and Echospace along with Deepchord’s Rod Modell. He has dozens of albums as Variant and, unsurprisingly, they’re all pretty similar, especially his newer releases which mostly consist of hour-long aquatic ambient dub tracks. I have several of them, and for whatever reason, this one has been hitting me the hardest. Very washed-out, slow-moving, weightless, but bass-heavy, fluid, and amorphous. One disc is the “Granular Mix” and the other is the “Modular Mix”, and there’s apparently another version of the same album (with the same title and barcode) that has dub versions of both. So what makes this Variant album stand out from the others? I’m not really sure. I feel like searching for the answer to that question will take away from my enjoyment of it. All I know is that it feels like being in some sort of weird flotation tank and the last thing I want to do is get out of it. Both discs are an hour long each and I thought they were too short.

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