Cyber People: Void Vision – The Album (ZYX, 2016)

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Cyber People: Void Vision - The Album

Cyber People: Void Vision – The Album

Cyber People’s “Void Vision” has always been one of my go-to Italo-disco tracks. Giorgio Spagna released two other tracks under the Cyber People name, “Polaris” and “Doctor Faustu’s”, and they’re both pretty similar to “Void Vision”. Uptempo beats, arpeggio basslines, sunny melodies, really awesome, detailed arrangements, and some vocodered vocals. There was a 4th Cyber People single, “Digital Signal Processor”, but it was basically by two members of Hipnosis (including one who was also in Black Box). It definitely has the Cyber People sound, it’s actually hard to tell that it was created by someone else than the first 3. These 4 singles were everything Cyber People ever released, but the singles all had remixes and alt versions, so that’s what rounds out this CD. The “slow version” of “Void Vision” is pretty killer, otherwise the rest of the remixes aren’t too different from the others. Well, the “Swedish” mixes of “Doctor Faustu’s” add an extra fluttering synth line. Anyway, if you don’t already have the songs on Italo comps, here’s an entire CD collecting them all.

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