Val G: EP 12″ (Vanity Press Records, 2016)

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Val G: EP 12"

Val G: EP 12″

Second release on local label Vanity Press Records, run by Dave Marroquin who hosts Hot Juice on WCBN. “Headed East” is a pretty straightforward pounding techno track which cuts out and has minor variations during its 5 minute before ending suddenly. “For Me” is based on an overused Aaliyah sample but it actually manages to sound fresh and different. It’s just nice and sunny and relaxing, and Dave plays sax on it! “Frostbite” is maybe the most L.I.E.S.-y track here, just a really solid lo-fi stripped-down house track. “Further” is an unexpected edit of NIN’s “Closer”, the beats and synth melodies are all there, along with some strange distant speaking, it’s just sped up a bit and smoothed out for the dancefloor. No guitars and Trent’s voice is nowhere to be heard, which means that it’s completely clean for daytime airplay. So far this one’s only available at Detroit-area record stores but keep checking the Vanity Press Facebook page about online distro.

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