Braeyden Jae: Fog Mirror LP + Braeyden Jae/Antlr’d: split tape (Whited Sepulchre, 2016)

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Braeyden Jae: Fog Mirror LP

Braeyden Jae: Fog Mirror LP

The first vinyl release by Braeyden Jae following numerous tapes is just as cloudy, hazy, and sorta-reflective as its title suggests. Very heavy layers of static and crackle obscuring (or really enhancing) the melodic drones. Very blurry, very rough, very stormy, doesn’t give you a clear answer. “Obscured and Waiting” oddly enough ends up being one of the clearest songs here, letting its slow piano melody ring through. It mostly sticks to the same mood throughout, and it’s drenched and gloomy, maybe kind of confused, but it definitely holds my attention.

Braeyden Jae/Antlr'd: split tape

Braeyden Jae/Antlr’d: split tape

The split tape with Antlr’d is a bit different. Braeyden’s pieces are a bit more trippy and wobbly, but also more melodic, and with a little bit more of a propulsion to them. Still drenched in static, but there’s more light shining through (or sideways, or whatever). It’s gorgeous. Andtlr’d’s side is more lo-fi, with more tape hiss and more loop pedal trickery. The “Dream River Artifact” tracks seem to be a bit busier, even as they seem to stand in place and let effects wave around them. The second part is short and glitchy and playful, but sounds like it’s coming out of a toy instrument. The tracks titled “The Dark Between Stars” are much more still and contemplative, generally staring into the night sky with little movement.

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