v/a: 15 Year Anniversary Compilation (Darkmatter Soundsystem, 2016)

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v/a: 15 Year Anniversary Compilation

v/a: 15 Year Anniversary Compilation

I just listened to the new Breakcore Gives Me Wood comp, and while there’s some really fun stuff on it, a lot of it tends toward the more jokey mashup style of breakcore and too much of that (nearly 3 hours, to be exact) can be really tiring. A lot of it isn’t really different than what people were doing a decade ago. I still love it, by all means. But this new Darkmatter Soundsystem comp is way more refreshing. I feel like these artists are pushing the limits more and doing much more forward-thinking things than just bashing out 400BPM gabber kicks and chopping up metal samples. Some of these tracks are more glitchy and IDM/industrial-ish, there’s some awesome acid-core (Minion!), and even the more straightforward drum’n’bass tracks still sound really fresh. Pink Abduction Ray’s tracks are hyper combinations of juke, grime, and hardcore. Poxxe goes for the gut (and the face, and the heart, and the lungs) with his 7-minute dismemberer “Black Ice”. A few tracks mix sad/pretty melodies with absolutely terrorizing beats. The WMX tracks are hard industrial techno that fit in with the whole L.I.E.S. outsider dance thing. Darkmatter will always be a name to be trusted, and this is an absolutely essential FREE download.

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