Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape (Rainbow Bridge/Forever Escaping Boredom/Crippled Intellect Productions/No Part Of It, 2015)

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Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape

Arvo Zylo: Sequencer Works Volume Two tape

All of these tracks (each titled “FUCK * [#]”) were recorded in various closets or crawlspaces during the early 2000s using a memory-overloaded Yamaha sequencer. Completely off-the-wall lo-fi trashcore somewhat similar to what people like Davros and Unibomber were making on Amigas, but not quite focused on gabber kicks. Really messy and chaotic, and sometimes quite cartoonish, with sloppy sound effects and garish MIDI instrumentation. Some of it sounds like blindly stumbling around in a dungeon. It all sounds far too sporadic and un-quantized and queasy to have been made entirely on a sequencer, but it was often recorded directly to tape with the machine malfunctioning. Really creative chaos which absolutely nobody knew about at the time. On Bandcamp.

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